Sunday, April 18, 2010

I love my Norton

I don't know why. It's mostly all stock.

It isn't the oldest. Or the newest.

It just is.

The business end. Right side, reverse patern shifting is interesting......

A 1970 great looking front brake that actually works good.

Had it up to 130 today.

It's a 1970 Norton Commando. That means 750cc, dual Amal carbs,4 speed trans. It must have been delivered to Canada or someplace cause the gauges are km/hr. I've owned it for about X years and actually bought 2 bikes from the guy. The other, a Kow 650 got traded off on my preunit Triumph. I actually got enough trade off value to have the Norton for free, almost.
Riding it is a trip. The exhaust tone is crazy. Light, nimble and quick. In it's day, it was definately a hot rod.

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