Saturday, April 10, 2010

78 Shovel out for the summer

My shovel. Well, the first shovel I ever had.
When I got it XV years ago, it had a bent up from an accident frame, more oil leaks than the Valdez, and just general "I don't ride anymore" d p o stuff.
It got a new santee frame back then. This is the 4th exhaust it's had. The painter DUDE painted the fender, seatmount, sissy bar thingy last year for me.
Every bike I do gets something I've never seen before or tried before. This go around is the seat suspension. It's an elastomer "bumper" inside the tubes below the seat. Yea, I know. Seat suspension on a swingarm bike is gay. But this isn't big olde skoole springs, and it really does seem to help.


  1. Nice... How do you keep that stamped primary from leaking? Belt drive?

  2. Yup. Belt. Got flat washers behind the inspection covers to cool it a bit. Only leaks a little.