Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making chips

Yep. There is now billet on my '28 B.
Found the sample neck cup in a misc box lot on Ebay. Turned down by hand on my lathe from a 2" round bar.

I am going to case harden by heating to cherry red and quenching in oil. Should be tough enough for the limited duty a 1928 B will see today.

Welding - done

A broken 1928 only harley "B" trans case is sad

But, there is hope

It actually welded pretty good - for a 83 year old casting.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Took a bit longer than I figured it would . . .

but that's the way it is with motorcycles, eh.

It is an 82 FXR. When bought, the DPO thought it was a touring bike. The saddlebags were so big, they look big on a Guzzi . . . . with a sidecar.
So I skinnyized it a bit - narrowed the front turns, rear turns, highway pegs, new more assertive bars, seat change, exhaust, oh - and some new rear works shocks.
Can't wait to ride it . . . .