Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OK. Also things that make me crazy

Well, it's like this, eh.
I've been around motorcicles for the last 30ish years. Before that, I had this little problem . . . . that took all my time and money . . . so I never had time or money for motorcicles. But eh, that's for another time and post.

So anyway,whether it's just riding them, or working on them, or whatevering them, recently this internet stuff opens alot of doors for a poor white boy from the midwest. And I see these posts about how skateboarding is so "linked" to motorcycles. And I just don't understand that. What is similar ? ? Bicycles, maybe, but skateboards ?

Back about 40+ years ago, we had skateboards too. And we rode these skinny, short, pieces of plywood with roller skate halves nailed to the bottom all over the streets and sidewalks. And everytime we hit a big sidewalk crack or a road bump we did faceplants. Or broke shit. But then we grew up. And discovered neat things like bicycles, and cars, and girls, and other things that most normal 14ish year olds move on to. We didn't keep playing with those toys. We got new toys and forgot about the old ones.

So, all you twenty or thirty somethings who think you know the life - whatever that is......hmmm another post, fucking grow up. Realize you just wasted the last ____ many years trying to be a skateboard god. All those adult years you wasted being a kid are just that. Wasted. So adult up. It's about time.


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  1. Dang it! I wish I would have read this earlier. I just wasted a lot of beer money on a pair of Vans and a trucker hat in an attempt to finally be kewl.