Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get head

# 1 is a 1956 front( 1 60). Nice shape, clean and includes the new valves. All threads look good. 1 fin repaired. Shows crack between spark plug hole and valve seat - like usual. Good head.

# 2 is a 1956 rear (1 60) matches #1. All threads look good. As shown, there is a crack at the exhaust valve insert. I have heard this can be fixed - but I don't think I would.

# 3 is a 1950 front(8 2). The intake spikot has been changed to later style but needs new seal. All threads look good. Nice head.

# 4 is a 1956 rear(5 58)I think 3 and 4 were run together. Exhaust spikot has been repaired in past - good job, still good. Intake spikot has a chip out of it - might work but could be repaired. 1 bottom fin and 2 other lower fins broke.

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