Sunday, December 5, 2010


A friend died yesterday. Doug, "Dragon" Drake.
I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. 1500 miles seperated us. But he was one of my "new friends". Friends I never would have made if not for this crazy thing they call the internet. And while it isn't the same as a "pre-internet" friend, the loss is very much the same to me.
Doug was, unfortunatly, like me about trusting everyone until they prove they can't be trusted. This got Doug burned by some people long ago, and I think it hardened him a bit. See, these new internet friends aren't like the old in person friends. It is easier to see through the bullshit face to face than it is through typing and picture taking. I have been lucky. Only a couple people have proven to be not trustworthy. And while those losses hurt, they are greatly outweighed by the quality "new friends" I have made.
Doug liked cool bike stuff and had a stash accumulated over the years. Recently, he had to, or decided to start selling some of it off. At first Doug claimed he just wanted to get rid of it to make room. Later on, the truth was shared. He was only selling it to get money to pay for the nursing care his mother needed. I can only hope I am half the man he was.
Our last "deal" just arrived yesterday. A front end. It is still in the box. I don't have to open the box cause I know it is what he said it was and I trust him. Right now I don't know if I will ever open that box. . . . . .

Doug - I pray you are at peace and worry free.