Monday, June 28, 2010


Yup. I've been a slacker lately.
But I gots me an excuse. A new job excuse. Same company but a new "position". Been bustin my ass tryin to keep up with it. Won't be so bad once I get a little bit better at it but right now it's a kinda kickin my ass.
But, the pan still gets a bit of love.
This is the bike I grew up dreaming of. It was the 60's. I spent many young years drawing picture after picture of bikes from my imagination. I was a punk kid growing up in the heartland of America. The Hell's Angels were a motorcycle gang that lived in California. They were magical to my young imagination. The Harley Davidsons always had long front ends, Z bars, and sat long and low. So I tried to build it.
Once it was done and I rode it a summer, engine problems caused a teardown. I decided it wasn't quite what I wanted and stalled at the rebuild. I think this is what I want now.

Whatcha think, eh ?

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  1. New jobs force many uncomfortable positions. Keep your honor intact, eh?